Spanish Classroom Courses

Spanish Classroom Courses
Face to face

We have a wide range of face-to-face courses: group lessons and one-to-one lessons, Spanish and Catalan courses, classes for children and for adults. 

Choose the course that fits you better and follow theses steps to enroll:

  • Step 1. Get in touch by email, by phone or by visiting the school and explain to us what you are looking for. 
  • Step 2. We will conduct a placement test either in person or online. If you want to join a group course, the test is mandatory even if you have a very low level. If you are a complete beginner, you can register without taking the test. 
  • Step 3.  We will choose the course that will suits your need with you.
  • Step 4. Start your adventure, enjoy the classes, and learn Spanish! 
Clase de grupo de español para extranjeros

Spanish Extensive Course (2 days per week)

If you want to combine learning Spanish with other activities - either work, study or just experiencing life in Barcelona, this course is for you!

Dedicating two days a week to the language is the key to acquiring it naturally and without losing motivation. Thanks to the regularity of the course, you will notice a progressive and constant improvement. With this course, you will gain fluency and confidence!

July Intensive Spanish Course

If you haven't been able to dedicate time to improving your Spanish during the year or if you're in Barcelona only for the summer, this course will allow you to concentrate the lessons into four weeks and boost your Spanish. Make the most of your classes!

You will have the opportunity to learn more vocabulary, gain confidence in speaking, and make progress in grammar. The classes include cultural activities on Fridays.

Clases de español para familias internacionales. Imagen destacada.

Spanish lessons for International families

If you have chosen Barcelona as your new home, we can accompany you on this fantastic adventure and help you feel more integrated.

We can organize tailored Spanish classes for parents or children, and also combined classes where different family members can participate, depending on their ages and language levels.

Experience the wonderful adventure of learning Spanish as a family!

En clase de español

One-to-one & one-to-two Spanish lessons

Private Spanish Classes in Dime cater for your specific needs. You can choose the timetable, the fequency and the duration of the classes. We will design a personalized and tailored program.

Besides, at Dime we offer you the possibility to share the session and the price with a friend at your same level. Learning Spanish is an experience you have to share!

Erika. Profesora de español

One-to-three Spanish lessons

At Dime, we offer you the possibility to share the Spanish lesson and its cost with two friends at the same level as you. Working in small groups will ensure you get the personalized focus characteristic of private lessons, along with the dynamism and interaction of group classes.

These classes are tailored to your needs. You can choose the schedule, frequency, and duration of the lessons. We will design an exclusive and personalized program for you.

Clase de conversación de español. ¡Hola!

Spanish Conversational lessons

The conversation lessons at Dime Spanish School are classroom sessions held for one hour a week on Friday mornings. These classes are dedicated to improving your oral expression. By working in small groups and in a relaxed atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to speak and practice in class.

These sessions will provide you with confidence, security, and help you feel "like yourself" when expressing yourself in Spanish.

Clase de español para niños y adolescentes. Imagen destacada

Spanish lessons for kids and teenagers

Courses for children and teenagers in Dime are aimed at those who wish to improve their Spanish or learn it from scratch. We organise customized courses for one, two or more kids. 

These are very dynamic sessions where Spanish is learned in a fun and  entertaining way, and where results can be seen from the first day.

Learning Spanish doesn't have to be boring!

Preparando la clase de español

Spanish lessons to prepare DELE exam

At Dime Spanish School, we offer DELE exam preparation courses to help you achieve your Spanish language proficiency goals. The DELE are internationally recognized diplomas that are highly prestigious. 

Our courses are designed to improve your skills in all four areas of language proficiency: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written interaction, and oral interaction. We use specially designed materials and our experienced teachers will guide you to reach your goal and pass the DELE exam.

Set a goal for your Spanish: the DELE exam!

Cristina. Profesora de español.

Spanish Pronunciation lessons

We know that one of the challenges in learning a new language is pronunciation. With these classes, you can focus on improving this aspect of learning Spanish.

These are highly practical sessions, where the teacher will help you thoroughly understand the pronunciation and intonation of the language so you can feel confident with your Spanish.

Gain confidence in speaking: improve your pronunciation!

En clase de español

Saturday Spanish Course

Do you live in Barcelona and don't have time during the week to study Spanish? This course is for you!

The Saturday morning Spanish course is ideal for people who work or study in Barcelona and don't have time to practice their Spanish during the week.

En clase de español. Clase de grupo.

Start a group!

If you and three more people at a similar level want to enroll in a Spanish course, just come to the school and we will start a group with you if we don't already have an active course at your level.

Contact Calle Berna 5-7 bajos, 08006 Barcelona

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