Meet our team

We’re a well-coordinated, professionally prepared, highly motivated team. We really love our work and you can see this when you enter a classroom and feel the great atmosphere in our school. 

The teachers at Dime Barcelona are:

Passionate about language teaching: they love what they do and enjoy sharing their passion for languages with their students.

Enthusiastic and motivating: they create a dynamic and positive learning environment that encourages students to actively participate in class.

Empathetic and patient: they understand that each student learns at their own pace and are always ready to offer individualized support and guidance.

Culturally sensitive: they are aware of different cultures and learning styles and adapt their teaching methods accordingly.

Additionally, Dime teachers are excellent communicators: they express themselves clearly, concisely, and precisely, using language adapted to each student's level.

Learning languages is an adventure. Let us accompany you on this journey. We will make each of your steps an enriching experience.

El equipo Dime

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Contact Calle Berna 5-7 bajos, 08006 Barcelona

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